E14-190 Marine Independent Engineer - EOI CLOSED

Emera Newfoundland & Labrador (ENL) is building and will own a 500 MW +/- 200kV HVDC transmission project; the Maritime Link, between the island of Newfoundland (NL) and Nova Scotia (NS). This project includes two 170 kilometre subsea cables and approximately 400 kilometres of overhead transmission line.

ENL is currently seeking Expressions of Interests (EOI) for the services of a Marine Independent Engineer. The scope of this procurement initiative will cover Marine Independent Engineer services for the remainder of the Maritime Link Project (MLP), and will include, in accordance with accepted subsea cable monitoring practices and good engineering practices:

  • Review and reporting on cable-related MLP activities (including engineering, installation, operation, maintenance and repair) of the cable, equipment and berms;

  • Preparation and submission reports on the activities as required by the ENL;

  • Preparation and submission of an annual report. 

The intent of this activity is to identify companies interested in participating in this procurement process and to ensure the Request for Proposal reflects applicable input from potential service providers. Companies interested in participating in this procurement process are required to complete and submit the EOI questionnaire to ENL by 3 p.m. NDT on September 18, 2014.

ENL is committed to meeting our obligations under the Benefits M.O.U. between the governments of NL and NS and to ensuring Gender Equity & Diversity opportunities are optimized.