Emera NL Recognizes NS Contractors for Commitment to Workplace Diversity


Sydney, NS – Earlier today, Emera Newfoundland & Labrador (Emera NL) recognized contractors for their commitment to workplace diversity during the construction of the Maritime Link Project. Contractors, including locally owned JonelJim Concrete Construction Ltd., were recognized as helping foster a more diverse and inclusive work environment for traditionally underrepresented groups.

Through the Maritime Link Project’s Diversity Plan, Emera NL identified the significant role contractors would play in promoting workplace diversity. Since 2011, Emera NL has worked closely with contractors to ensure a clear understanding of diversity and inclusion goals and to identify ways to work together to achieve success.

“Today’s event provides us with an opportunity to recognize each contractor’s contribution and say thank you for their continued efforts,” says Rick Janega, President and CEO, Emera NL, during a contractor recognition event. “Throughout 2015, they have made significant efforts to ensure diversity and inclusion at all of our worksites.”

In 2015, six contractors based out of Nova Scotia were particularly noted for their dedication to diversity on the Maritime Link Project and for the strides they have taken to help ensure inclusion in the workplace. These include:

  • ABB Inc.
  • C.J. MacLellan & Associates Inc.
  • DORA Construction
  • JonelJim Concrete Construction Ltd.
  • PowerTel Utilities Contractors Ltd.
  • R. MacLean’s Forestry Ltd.

Traditionally under-represented groups in the construction industry include: women, Aboriginal Persons, persons with disabilities and visible minorities. Each contractor working on the Project is required to follow the terms outlined in both the Diversity Plan and Benefits Agreement, as well as submitting their own diversity plan for their work component.

As part of its evaluation, Emera reviewed each contractor’s hiring practices, outreach efforts and training opportunities, as outlined in its diversity plan.  This included a review of individual work environments and how they were made inclusive for these groups.

“An inclusive work environment goes beyond ensuring that opportunities are available for those who historically haven’t been welcomed into this type of industry, it ensures that once the workforce is diverse, everyone feels welcomed, valued, and included,” says Patricia Butt, Director of Human Resources, Emera NL.

Through this collaborative approach, Emera NL has been recognized provincially and nationally for its focus on diversity. Today’s celebration is an opportunity to share that recognition with those who have helped make it a success.

About The Maritime Link Project

The Maritime Link is part of a larger strategy to address the growing demand for more renewable energy. The Maritime Link will create more energy options and reduce dependency on fossil fuel generation. By connecting the island of Newfoundland to the North American grid for the first time in history, the Link will create a new electricity loop in Atlantic Canada, providing access to market for the region’s abundance of clean, renewable energy. For more information on the Maritime Link, visit: www.EmeraNL.com.


Media Contact
Jeff Myrick
Emera Newfoundland & Labrador
Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs